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Sarah's Story

Whats Optimisticality? It's this website of course! But more than that, it is the way I choose to view the world. It describes something I often call the "art" of being "stubbornly optimistic" 

Sound interesting ? 

Well then read on.. and I hope you'll join me on this little experiment in attitude and curiosity that we call life..... 

Always an advocate of life long learning , I started out on my business

journey's back in 2009 whilst still in the military. My professional 

background is pretty colourful, including stints in outdoor education, 

healthcare, automotive & cycle industries,  plus specialist retail.

More recently I've added "education" and "training" to the list. 

Though-out the every day process of starting, running and growing first a career and then multiple small business ventures, the thing that remained constant for me was a realisation that a genuine love of learning is a corner stone of my approach to life, and work. We stand and fall on the strength of our ability to learn from mistakes and missteps. It is not without good reason that I often quote a three word mantra:




Now as a Chartered Manager (CMgr MCMI) and specialist in Equality and Diversity, 

corporate culture management, and the "work Identity" I deliver sessions to diverse audiences both large and small, young or old, on "the art of being Stubbornly Optimistic - and other things."

If you'd like to inquire about booking a bespoke tailored session with Sarah, just get in touch via the link below, after all, "everyone needs a little Optimisticality in their life!"

Believe. Persevere. Achieve.

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When you change the way you look at things,

 the things you look at change.


Max Planck 1858 -1947 


Every Oak was once an Acorn