Business Bullets: The hall of Mirrors

I was sat at my desk last Saturday night.

20 years ago I woulda been drunk in a bar somewhere in Sunderland pondering my third year at University. Now, here there I was posting about podcast edits and writing whilst studying qualitative methodology. (Although I did have a beer - its not all work)

How life changes.

I was editing up a future episode with a new guest that really delves into the nature of how we see ourselves. Of course that's also both influenced by and reflected in how others see us, and so we are left constantly examining our own reflection in a hall of mirrors that are only partially of our own construction.

It's an interesting metaphor, because the way others project their image of ourselves back AT us can sometimes be false and/or unflattering, much like those convex or concave mirrors that make you look fat/thin etc. Or in other words, a perception of a reflection is affected by that from which it reflects.

Are you seeing yourself clearly?

So examine not just the reflections, but the mirrors themselves. Do they give true picture? are they tarnished? do they need a clean? or should some be swapped out? Covered up?

Cooley said ".....I am who I think, you think, I am" and so the saying goes that we are the average of the five people we associate most with, or perhaps "I" is the average of the image we perceive from five mirrors, each called "you".

The question is though, who are "you" looking at?

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When you change the way you look at things,

 the things you look at change.


Max Planck 1858 -1947 


Every Oak was once an Acorn