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Trans gender day of visibility.

Well today is Mothers day, and also "trans gender day of visibility".

So here's me: Sarah Ellis. The picture was taken at the coast last year and the blurs in the background are my cousin and daughter rapidly getting out of shot whilst dissolving with laughter at what was probably a really bad "Dad joke"

Having a laugh at the coast with the family.

Who is Sarah? Physiology graduate, Ex solider, former registered general nurse, & now blogger, researcher, philosopher and podcasting public speaker. But more importantly I am also a child, and a parent, a family member.

I transitioned over a period from 36 years old to present day and continue to learn grow and become the type of person I would like to be. But I am not here by my own efforts alone. Everyone knows the importance of support. Trans people especially, so today I send out a salute not just to trans people, but also one for the "families" of those who are trans. The supporters, partners, mothers, brothers, daughters and others. All those colleagues, friends, collaborators etc without whom many of us would no longer be able to continue our efforts to simply be ourselves.

So my sincere thanks to all who have supported me on the voyage so far.

This support starts young, and comes in many forms. Sometimes it can simply be teaching our younger people that "different to" is not "less than" .

I recently caught up with Emma Agar and we talked about this very thing in discussing events at a Birmingham school, where "what is or isn't taught" had become a topic for debate and demonstration.

If you'd like to listen click the link.

Episode 23 LGBT - a visible conversation There's more episodes and arguemtsn to come and I hope you might follow my guests, co presenters and I on this journey of exploration. Any thoughts, questions queries or parts thereof you can find em at

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